Huduma Fellowship

Workshop One
Situational Leadership & Personal Inventory

The workshop will address objective two of the Huduma fellowship; Helping fellows understand how future public sector leaders can contribute to improving the quality of the sector in Uganda. Learnings and experiences in this session will be modelled around the public sector in Uganda and taking examples from other jurisdictions to enable fellows to appreciate the future of the public sector in Uganda. In this session, Fellows will meet and interact with keynote speakers from different Government Ministries and Departments, Media, and Civil Society.

Government and Public sector. This module will introduce fellows to the government setup, the key arms of government, their functions and roles, and how different arms of government complement each other to serve the public. Select civil service reforms will be used as case studies during this module to demonstrate how to lead and deliver reforms for service delivery improvement. Keynote speakers will be part of delivering this module, and Fellows will have an opportunity to interface and learn more about the public sector set up in Uganda.

Political Consciousness and service delivery. This module will shape the Fellows’ appreciation of being politically aware while delivering services to the public. The module will introduce Fellows to aspects of political economy analysis, choices, and decision making. The module will look at the role of activism in leadership and how this shapes public policy choices.

Introduction to International Relations. This module will introduce the Fellows to international relations’ inner workings and how politics, economics, and security interact to deliver and secure the national interest of nation-states. This module will examine the dynamic that connects African diplomacy, conflict, peace, development, the environment, and international commerce, with the global context within which Africa strives to transform itself. The Fellow will appreciate the interaction between state and non-state actors in political, economic, and social decision-making and how these interactions factor in the international public. This subject is complex and voluminous and cannot be exhaustively tackled in one module. Therefore, the introductory course will focus on the African context and deliver content through selected required readings that do justice to African international relations. Upon completing this module, the Fellows will better grasp how the African body polity, its position in the world order, how it works, and why it matters.

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Sep 17 - 19 2021


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