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Maya DenisOffline

  • Strategic Planner, National Planning Authority
  • Class of 2023

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Maya Denis


Strategic Planner, National Planning Authority


Formerly as Research Associate at the Economic Policy Research Centre (EPRC), Maya served under the Macroeconomics Department of the Centre headed by Mr. Corti Paul Lakuma.
He formed a part of the team that was responsible for the analysis of the quarterly Uganda Business Climate Index (BCI). The BCI aims at informing policy and practices about the current and future (expected) business situation in a timely manner.
He has further advised the Finance Ministry in Uganda on macroeconomic and fiscal policy, fiscal institutions and revenue administration through the various research works undertaken.
He has worked on the Domestic Resource Mobilization Strategy for the medium term for Uganda, where he co-authored numerous diagnostic papers to inform the reform process.
Most recently, Maya has been involved in the conduct of several firm level surveys to establish the socio-economic impact of COVID-19 on the productivity of Uganda’s employees, firms and industry.