Call for Applications: Huduma Fellowship Class of 2023

Are you an emerging leader in Uganda’s civic and public service sector eager to grow both professionally and personally? The Huduma Fellowship is a perfect opportunity for you to contribute meaningfully to your country, hone core values like service and integrity, and shape personal leadership.

The Huduma Fellowship is an initiative by the LéO Africa Institute and Konrad Adenauer Stiftung which has provided thought leadership training for 30 emerging champions in Uganda’s civic and public service sector over the last two years. The program enrolls 15 outstanding champions who are already working in the field or aspire to do so for a two-year training on the ideals and tenets of public service.

“Throughout the seminars and workshops, we have had a memorable time, made new friends, and broadened our networks but most importantly, our intellectual capacities have been built. The seminar and workshop topics gave us unmatchable enlightenment.” Moses Mulindwa Class of 2022 valedictorian

During the fellowship, participants engage in a variety of activities, including face-to-face sessions, interactive workshops, personal assessments, individual and group exercises, and special projects. Through these different approaches, fellows have the opportunity to develop their leadership and thought-processing skills.

The Huduma Fellowship is a unique opportunity for emerging leaders to connect with like-minded individuals and learn from some of the most influential thought leaders in Uganda’s civic and public service sectors. Fellows will have the opportunity to network with their peers, build their skills, and make a lasting impact in their communities.

“When we bring together young individuals from diverse disciplines, they bring unique perspectives into the public conversation. We are confident that our efforts to engage and support these talented young people will ultimately benefit our country, as they are poised to make meaningful contributions in their respective fields.” Kwame Rugunda, Member of Faculty, LéO Africa Institute

Over the years, the fellowship has attracted high-performing young champions committed to improving public service delivery. This has made entry to the prestigious program highly competitive. Only the most outstanding candidates are selected after reviewing applications. Application to the Huduma Fellowship Class is open until 24th March 2023. Apply here and take the first step towards being a Huduma Champion.